Chosen Few

Style : Hardcore / Millennium
Label : Mokum Records / Chosen Few Recordz
Performance : DJ set
Residence : The Netherlands
Chosen Few was a key member of the legendary Mokum Records Crew and produced massive tracks like "The Break", "Chosen Paradise", "Kold Days" and one of the biggest Hardcore hits of all time "Name Of The Dj" which to this day is still a big hit in both its original form and as a remix by artists like Neophyte, Tha Playah, Buzz Fuzz and Dano.

He has been playing Hardcore Gabber since its birth, starting out in 1991 playing in a little club in the Amsterdam red light district, he gained momentum and was asked to play at famous events like Thunderdome, May Day, Nightmare and Hellraiser. He was even booked for Scottish events like the massive Rezerection, Mayday in Berlin, Enchanted in Australia and several more.

‘Without hardcore life would be a mistake’ is his motto, he still lives by it through his new label ‘Chosen Few Records’ where he embraces new talent and releases his own productions too.


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