Max B Grant

Style : Early Hardstyle / Raw Hardstyle
Label : Scantraxx / Seismic
Performance : DJ set
Residence : Switzerland
Max B. Grant, alias Massimo Briganti, was born in Lecce, Gallipoli in Italy. Ever since he was young, he was interested in everything that has to deal with music. You could find him often at parties and in bars. But he was more interested in the art of mixing when he watched the people behind the turntable. His curiosity was especially keen in the field op hiphop. This curiosity became passion and Max began to learn the art of mixing. Scratching with almost every part of his body and making a fantastic show throughout his sets, he brings DJ-ing to a higher level of entertainment.May B. Grant has sold more than a half million CDs, and has won various awards, including the Swiss Music Dance Award for the best DJ, 3 consecutive times.He has had over 3000 bookings worldwide, including Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, Estland, Poland, Romania, Italy, Austria (including Electronic Love Festival – Salzburg), England, Turkey, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, USA.

He is also a producer for many labels, such as X-Bone Records, Scantraxx, Seismic, Blutonium, Sigma, Stik, Zoom, Wicked, IMP, Sony, Universal, Warner, TBA and last but no least, his own label, ETX records.

Professionalism, charisma, and and honest love for his musical genre make Max B. Grant one of the most consistently booked DJs in the world.

This is not a game, this is Max B. Grant.


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