Sound Abuse is a combination of two brothers with an interest in the Hardcore scene. One of their first productions was a noisy hardcore track called 'Sound Abuse'... Although this track was never released they really liked this name so they kept it for all their next work.

In 2003 the first three official Sound Abuse tracks where released on the CD 'Hellraiser -Protect your soul'. This launched their career and was the first of many other CD compilations. In 2010 their solo EP 'Serious Issues' was released on DNA 42. It contained tracks like 'Astonished', 'Negative thoughts' and 'Deranged Mind'.

This was soon followed by their second EP called 'Inner Strength' on the label 'Dark. Descent.' In this period they also remixed tracks from artists like Zanthrax & Negative A.

The duo performed on several highly respected international and underground parties. Their DJ sets are well known for their experimental and dark industrial sounds.

1: What is your greatest achievement as a deejay?
We usually answer these type of questions with a bunch of bullshit. It's what Albert Einstein always said: Your have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

2: How did you come up with your deejayname?
One of our first tracks was called Sound Abuse. The track never got released but we really liked the name so we kept it for all our next work.

3: Do you have a special message to all people who read this?
The one thing in common with all diet plans is exercise. I find this difficult because I have a back injury, and I am a six foot tall woman. Things like sinks, counters, fridges, even push lawn mowers, are designed for folks within a certain height range. Even being just an inch or two above that range can contribute to back pain.

4: What is your favourite headphone brand?

5: What do you like to drink during and after your deejayset?
Casper always drinks warm milk sucked from the teets of a crippled goat. Dennis always brings his own juice maker to the event and experiments with different juices.