Style : Hardcore / Uptempo
Label : Megarave Records / Toxic Sickness
Performance : DJ set
Residence : Netherlands
Stijn Simons started his DJ career in the year of 2010. He was the winner of DJ contest 'Beter kom je niet' at Thunderdome Radio.

In 2015 Exhilarate started with the focus to produce uptempo hardcore tracks with hard beats en nasty screeches. He released tracks on Toxic Sickness Digital and a Nr 1. place with "Dirty Words" at Megarave records together with System:Overload and Unleashed Fury. He played at events like Intents Festival, Together we are hardcore, Ruhr In Love, Hardcore World Cup, Dynamite Hardcore, Epic Hard XL and more. Get ready for the sound of Exhilarate!

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