Style : Hardcore / Millennium / Early

Label : Traxtorm Rec. / Rotterdam Rec. / T-Noise Rec.
Performance : DJ set

Residence : Italy

L.A. Style - James Brown is dead , this was the first vinyl bought by Giangy, the boy who would have become one of the greatest hardcore Dj-producer all over the world!

In the early 90s, Giangy and his best friend Lele started to play something considered new not only in Milan, where they lived, but also in Italy. This new sound is what we now know as Hardcore.

In 1993 Giangy worked as a Dj at Number One and at the same time he did community service. Together with Dj Buby (dj resident of the legendary Number One Sala 2 with Lancinhouse) and his friends Lele and Maxx, Giangy sent various demos to Rotterdam Records, the cult Dutch label whose boss was Paul Elstak. The answer was positive and they realized their first album, Nidra E.P. Stunned were here!

After some time, Buby and Lele left the band, but Giangy and Maxx still believed in their project and in 1996 they founded Traxtorm Records (the greatest hardcore Italian label ever seen) and continued their career using the pseudonym The Stunned Guys. From that moment on, everything went better and better.

Giangy travelled all over the world and played for the most important parties of the world: Thunderdome, Energy, Misteryland, Street Parade, Defqon, Nightmare in Rotterdam, Megarave, Q-Base, Hellraiser... and many more.

His productions are countless and we can't forget singles like Army Of Hardcore (together with Neophyte), A.E.I.O.U or Bim Bum Bam for Rotterdam Records, and obviously his smash hit Thrillseeka (together with Paul Elstak) realized for Traxtorm Records and Bombin Eardrumz (together with Paul Elstak) for Offensive Records.

After having created a real music empire, in the April of 2009 Giangy decided to take up a new challenge! He left Traxtorm Records, Sonic Solution and The Stunned Guys and he's started to work on his new project called G-Box, which is completely dedicated to music services. G-Box will work on record production, merchandising and planning events; it will become a strong point of reference in the Entertainment Music Business both in Italy and abroad. And this is the new Giangy's lifestyle, Hardcore will never die!

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