Buzz Fuzz

Style : Hardcore / Millennium
Label : Bzrk Records
Performance : DJ set

Residence : Netherlands

Mark Vos a.k.a. Buzz Fuzz started his career as a House DJ in 1991 after playing Hip Hop and R&B from 1986 to 1990. In the year 1992 he won the Dutch House DJ Championships and he started producing tracks due to the fact that the first price of the championship was a release on Midtown-Records. Buzz Fuzz produced records for Combined Forces and eventually for ID&T where he began his own record label, BZRK Records.
Buzz Fuzz also is part of the legendary Dreamteam (together with Gizmo, Dano and The Prophet). In 1997 and 1998 his colleagues and the readers of Thundermagazine nominated him 'Best producer' in the Hardcore scene. Also he was chosen the best record label and the best remixer of the year.
Buzz Fuzz has played all over the world like Australia, USA, Canada and of course all over Europe. Together with his associates Rob Gee and Gizmo he started Tripax Records in 1996. Nowadays Buzz Fuzz appears on various kick-ass labels such as Traxtorm, D-Boy, and Adam Recordings and of course you'll find him a lot on his own label BZRK. Some smashing tracks by his hand are: Frequencies, Hey!, XTC-Love & Jealousy is a M.F.
In 2015 he restarted the BZRK label and is now label manager and producer of his own franchise. Nowadays he's still DJ-ing all over the world mostly early rave and millennium sets but an original hardcore set is no problem for this versatile veteran.
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