Style : Early / Freestyle / Oldschool

Label : ID&T / Forze / Detonated Jump Traxx
Performance : DJ set

Residence : The Netherlands

In the vibrant era of the 90s, 16-year-old Noizer followed a path of happiness to the General Noise Studio. Amid the boisterous atmosphere of the studio, he discovered two beautiful SL1200 turntables. Driven by his love for music, Noizer took a bold step without hesitation and asked if he could DJ. What he didn't know then was that this spontaneous moment would determine his fate.

As Noizer's musical journey continued, his talents blossomed. At the age of 17 or 18, he ventured into the world of music production. Together with the talented Dutchman Jack, he rented the General Noise Studio and started a creative journey. Under the watchful eye and unconditional support of Marc (Tails) Oudijn and Henri Lookers, 2 of the 3 visionary minds behind General Noise, he brought his first song to life. From that moment on, history was written.

Noizer started his career with Tails, Noizer & Mc Drokz as a live act, formed a DJ act together with Mc Drokz and was an indispensable part of the famous Waxweazle DJ Team. In the years that followed he released numerous records, in collaboration with: DJ Tails, MC Drokz & as General Noise, Vloe & Tip, Echte Gabbers, mr Mannix & Alopecia on leading record labels such as Waxweazle, ID&T, Arcade, Forze and Terrortraxx Records.

In addition to legendary events such as Thunderdome, Mysteryland, Earthquake, Megarave, Nightmare, Hardcore Gladiators, Trilogy & The Love Parade, Noizer has left his indelible mark not only in the Netherlands. His performances have also reinforced his legendary status in Spain, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and far beyond.

Noizer plays with CDJ and on special request with vinyl.

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