Unleashed Fury

Style : Hardcore / Uptempo
Label : Megarave Records
Performance : DJ set
Residence : Netherlands

Residence : Netherlands
An extreme passion for Hardcore, that's where it all started... After lots of experimenting with insane kicks, screeching madness and crazy shouting vocals, Unleashed Fury was born. Determined to tear up the stage with energetic old to new mainstream tracks, mixed together with uptempo. Unleashed Fury is ready to blast you away at a stage near you!
Unleashed Fury already teamed up with artists like System:Overload, Repix, Stampede, Yves and Exhilarate to create some kick ass tracks. These projects have been released on Megarave Records, Toxic Sickness Digital, Fucking Bastards, Label X, Darkside Unleashed and Uptempo Is The Tempo Records. He hit the number 1 spot at Hardtunes with project 'System:Overload & Unleashed Fury & Exhilarate - Dirty Words'!

You may have seen Unleashed Fury playing at Ruhr in Love, HardcoreXL and Bassrulers Outdoor.Keep an eye out, there is a lot more to come!


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