23/12 Hardcore Gladiators vs Hellraiser

This friday Hardcore Gladiators vs Hellraiser at Music Dome in Kerkrade. 45 artists in 4 areas! The hardest and darkest beats will blow your brains out. Hellraiser 2021 tickets are valid for this event also. Amongst others: Partyraiser, Detest, Dither, DRS, Furyan, Soulblast, DJ JDA, Lunakorpz, Dissoactive, Major Conspiracy, The Dope Doctor, DJ The-Vizitor, Paranoizer, DJ Bass-D, Estasia, SRB, Dither, Kurwastyle Project, Jur Terreur, Mind Compressor, System Overload, Bio-Forge, Spitnoise, Suicide Rage, Twins Enemy, DJ Distortion, Rotterdam Terror Corps and many more!.= 

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