Rige Bookings welcomes E-Rush

Rige Bookings welcomes E-Rush!

E-Rush, also known as Edwin, has been behind the decks since the dawn of house music in 1988. His journey through the early days of the genre saw him become a many booked DJ, gracing the stages of clubs both in the Netherlands and abroad. He performed at legendary events such as Megarave, Nightmare, Thunderdome, Hellrazor, Raver Religion, Speedrazor, Raving Nightmare, Rave The Universe, Pandemonium, Ghosttown, Shadowlands, and many more.

He is a producer with various aliases such as E-Rush, Rushcorps, Army Of Darkness, The Brutalist, Thulsa Doom, Happy Clappers, Kargon, La Duke, Poison, Stars & Vibes DJ Team, The Brutalist, The Duke Of Forrest, Thulsa Doom, Without A Doubt and more.

He has launched numerous releases throughout his career, including "Fuck You Man," "Scream," and "I Like My Selfcontrol" on various labels such as Fix Records, Rush Attack Records, Hardcorps Records, 80 Aum Records, Brainless Hardcore, and more.

Since 2024 he has been active again with his label Fix Records. He also set up a label called Fixxx Remix Madness. A lot of new tracks and remixes are coming from E-Rush!

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