Rige Bookings welcomes FrenchFaces!

Uptempo / Frenchcore artists FrenchFaces (Davey and Yuri) started their musical voyage in 2017. Their love for the Hardcore, Uptempo and Frenchcore scene gave them a lot of inspiration, so they started producing their favourite music

Things started to get crazy when they dropped the track ‘Pacman’. The two Dutch lads were now a well known part of the harder scene performing at the bigger festivals like Tomorrowland, Harmony of Hardcore, Decibel, Supersized Kingsday, Footworxx, Hard Island (Croatia), Hardshock, Pandemonium, Hardcore Gladiators and many more.

They released over 50 tracks and remixes on Barbaric Records, Offensive Rage, Darkside Unleashed, Triple Six, Footworxx, The Third Movement, GEE thAng Music, My Tempo Is Uptempo, Toxic Sickness Digital, Fucking Bastards and more.  These two versatile artists are a must have at your event.

For bookings and/or more information contact bookings@rige.net

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