Dione a.k.a. SRB a.k.a. E-noid

Dj Dione a.k.a. as E-noid a.k.a. SRB (Erik Ypma) just finished working on his E-Noid album ‘Doomsday Machine’ that will be released on the 8th of march on D.N.A. Records. This year E-Noid will be playing his new tracks at big Swiss event Mission Festival.

Erik will focus his attention on a new ‘Dione’ project this year and Megarave Records will release a brand new vinyl (!) with greatest hits and remixes. Dione is a versatile dj with an insane amount of hits. He can light up your Millennium or Early Rave event with flawless mixes and a great selection of tracks.

His alter ego ‘SRB’ released last january a CD album with 18 banging Dutchcore tracks on This Is Terror Records that has taken the terror scene by storm. SRB is always ready to rock with the hardest quality productions on the planet.

For more information and music check below linktrees.

Linktree Dione
Linktree SRB
Linktree E-Noid


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