We welcome MC Gyze!

Before his first appearance in Hardcore Mc GyZe has mainly been active in Metal music. The first track featuring his voice came out early 2014 ( "Limitless Infinity" - Bassrulers 2014 anthem) and since that time he has contributed to quite a few tracks already.

The second apperance during the Rige Mc Contest made a good impression for future endeavors.
With collabs and live performances with some of the scenes best Hardcore and Terror DJ's (SRB, Drokz, Dissoactive, The Vizitor, DJ Distortion and many more), Mc GyZe has proven to be always giving his full energy and commitment. Hosting the Terror stage at Hardcore Gladiators has given this Mc more growth to become a True voice of Hardcore and Terror.

His raw metal voice adds to the music and his energy to the performance of the DJ's, always giving his all out is what makes it genuine and unique every show.

What to expect when you see Mc GyZe on a line up? Maximum energy, argression and dedication to always perform at the highest level of his capabillity.

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