We welcome Paranoizer!

Paranoizer started at the age of 12 dj-ing with vinyl and producing with Fasttracker2. In 2004 was his first performance. He played at events like Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Hardcore4Life, Pandemonium, Harmony of Hardcore, Terrordrang, Dominator, Ground Zero, Q-base, Defqon1 and Hardshock. He took his terror also abroad to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK, Belgium and even Mexico!

From 2006 he started releasing his own tracks on vinyl and cd compilations from major terror labels. He dropped releases on This is Terror, Hong Kong Violence, Noisekick Records, Industrial Strength, Xtreme Audio Violence, Strike Records and Special Forces. The Total Terror album, This is Terror 14 and the Terrordrang double cd with Noisekick will give a good impression of his work. His latest tracks you can find on the 'Attack EP' at Akira's Hong Kong Violence label and the 'Welcome to the Terrordrome EP' with Dissoactive on This is Terror Records.These also appeared on the brandnew Hellraiser and This is Terror cd's.

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