Human Resource

Style : Early / Millennium / 90's / Happy Hardcore / Freestyle
Label : KNOR Rec.T
Performance : DJ set

Residence : Netherlands

DJ Human Resource and/or Human Resource live performance

At the end of November 1990 at rave in Rotterdam, 4 guys - who knew each other from where they lived - agreed on doing some tracks together. So Guido and Jasper brought some synths to where Johan and Robert's studio was, Rohan's bedroom. Together they created the track Dominator with rap vocals. R&S Records, the label that released mentasm obtained the license for the rest of the world and in december 1991 the guys got a golden CD to commemorate the record selling over 75.000 copies in Holland.

After the 2nd single 'The Joke' it became quiet for a while.. the guys invested most of the money they made from dominator in a big new studio and they started their own record company, called XSV. With the new sound created by Paul Elstak in their mind they created a new harder label KNOR. Human Resource produced a second album, in this new sound which was spreading over the world.

In 1995 Jasper quitted and was replaced by Sander. it was about that time that Sander could do Dutch Nursery Rhymes in his own special mentally deranged, but oh so funny way. Guido thought it was funny to record Sander (doing his special nursery rhyme act) and put it on the B-Side of the new HR Record. someone else really got the funny bit, made a video clip, and 3 weeks later that track was in the dutch singles charts at number 9. not long after that the group started to disintegrate and everyone went their own way except for Guido who had put Human Resource in the fridge, waiting till it was time to do a restart. This was in 2003, together with Zeno (former T99 MC) and Maurice (Poing) A year later even Stephan Scheltema aka Predator was - albeit for a very short period - a member of HR.

In 2005, the first edition of a new festival was being held. The name of the festival: Dominator. So it was time for a new set of remixes and The Stunned guys, Angerfist and Outblast did a hell of a job and lifted the track over, into the new millennium. By december 2005 the group had fallen apart once again and Guido decided to go on, alone.. But every now and then, at the bigger oldschool events Jasper rejoins the group and so it still 50% of the original formation, accompanied by an MC.

In 2016 Armin van Buuren remixed ‘Dominator’ and created an incredible vibe for Human Resource. With bookings all over the world and a huge catalogue of own productions Human Resource is still dominatin’!

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