Distortion (RTC)

Style : Hardcore / Millenium / Uptempo
Label : Megarave Records
Performance : DJ set
Residence : Netherlands
Dj Distortion is the founder of Rotterdam Terror Corps. He started deejaying in the nineties together with his then mc ‘Raw’.Distortion can play either a millinium or an (uptempo) hardcore set. Dj Distortion is also the founder of Rige Entertainment and one of the creators of the hardcore scene as it is today. Dj Distortion played at all major parties worldwide and produces tracks nowadays with amongst others SRB aka Dione.In 2015 Vice.com did an interview about RTC and dj Distortion which was well received by media and fans.In 2016 Distortion made an exclusive track for a short animation movie called ‘Culturesport (by John Michael Boling)’ This movie is a fantasy story anime style about Rotterdam Gabbers in the nineties.

December 2016 a new album of Rotterdam Terror Corps was released featuring tracks by Dj Distortion and RTC.


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