Rotterdam Terror Corps

Style :  Hardcore / Uptempo / Millenium
Label : Megarave Records
Performance : Live + DJ set
Residence : Netherlands
Founded in 1993 Rotterdam Terror Corps can be called one of the hardcore live act pioneers.Dj Distortion, the initiator of the infamous group conceived of a concept more dark and powerful than the prevailing Happy Hardcore sound. From this Rotterdam Terror Corps was born.All the big European Raves invited RTC to play like Tomorrowland, Thunderdome, Energy, Defqon, Q-base, Masters of Hardcore, Mysteryland, Hellraiser, Dominator, Ruhr In Love, Nature One, etc.Partypeople in Russia, the United States. Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland witnessed the power of the black flag and the white skull.

The act consisting of DJ Distortion, a mc and two fire breathing exotic dancers has been the standard in the European hardcore scene since 1993.

In 2015 RTC was the hardest live act ever on Tomorrowland and made a documentary about RTC which had great reviews worldwide.


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