The Dreamteam

Style : Hardcore / Early
Label : ID & T / Bzrk / Mokum
Performance : DJ set + Live
Residence : NetherlandsThe Dreamteam started their career in the early nineties.

The Dreamteam dj sets and live-shows were and still are legendary from LA to Moscow and from Sydney to Zurich.

5 years ago The Dreamteam decided to split up to concentrate on their solo careers. Now after being succesfull for 20 years as The Dreamteam but also infamous as solo dj/producers dj Buzz fuzz , dj Dano , dj Gizmo. Now,it is time... The legendary Dreamteam decided to team up again.

The dj sets by Buzz Fuzz, Dano and/or Gizmo are max 90 minutes of hardcore.

The live show contains :
- Oldschool music from The Dreamteam and new Dreamteam tracks
- Live mixes
- Keyboards
- Mc the Mouth of Madness
- Sexy dance-shows
- and everything else The Dreamteam is legendary for....


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