Style : Terror
Label : C.S.R. Records / This Is Terror Records
Performance : DJ set

Residence : Canada

DJ Plague emerged from barren ice fields of Canada. Surviving off the skinned corpses of baby seals, and sleeping in a tent made of bear hide. The entire time, brooding, waiting, building. Along with Interrupt Vector, a new unholy beast was born. It was named CSR. The Canadian Speedcore Resitance, built to combat mellow dancefloors around the nation and ready to unleash pure Terror upon the unsuspecting people of the world. However a greater goal was realized.

In 2003 the plague erupted on the European land mass. For the next 7 years Europe and the world would be Terrorized by the Plague that was CSR. With the onslaught of vinyl, CDs and Parties, CSR grew to Terror dominion. Finally the authorities got wise, and DJ Plague was booted out in order to save what was left of the traumatized continent. Returning to his fortress of ice and snow, DJ Plague teams up with the lord of the Ice Banshees, DJ Mutante, to regroup, and prepare a new assault. This time with the sole motivation, of global speedcore dominance. Speedcore Worldwide.

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