Headbanger / Waxweazle

Style : Early / Happy Hardcore / Millennium
Label : Megarave Rec. / Waxweazel Rec.
Performance : DJ set

Residence : Netherlands

>WAXWEAZLE - Early / Happy Hardcore

HOLY NOISE: Rob Fabrie’s career started in 1990 as a member of the famous group Holy Noise. Many big hits were made: Father forgive them, Get down everybody, James Brown is still alive, The nightmare. One album was produced: Organoised Crime.

EUROMASTERS: In 1992 At Midtown Records Rotterdam Records was born. The first release was Amsterdam waar lech dat dan by the Euromasters, today considered a classic. The second release was The sound of Rotterdam which featured the holy noise tracks that where considered to be to hard for ARS records. In 1992 Holy Noise remixed The Nightmare on Rotterdam Records and that one became a huge hit.
Rob left the group in 1992 to work on solo productions.

SOMEBODY FROM ROTTERDAM / WAXWEAZLE: In 1993 Rob released on Dance International Records. Using the alias of Waxweazle as a writer and the artist name of Somebody from Rotterdam. In the beginning of 1994 Rob got in contact with Duncan Stutterheim (ID&T), in that meeting he also met Peter Paul Pigmans and Ed Bout. Together with Peter Paul he set up 3 steps ahead, they both made Motherfuckers you’re gonna die and This is the Thunderdome. Later that year Rob was offered his own record label at ID&T.

WAXWEAZLE VINYL: The first release was Legs by DJ Waxweazle, the record label was off to a flying start. Some of the hits from the Waxweazle era where: Legs, It’s about time, Spread your wings, Pump it dj, Our Nightmare, Hardcore Power and Fixxxed. Other producers also got the chance, Tails & Noizer, Recharge, DJ Delirium, E-Rick & Tactic, DJ Promo and many more made records on the label. A total of 30 releases where made on the label. ID&T also supported the dj career of Rob and gave him the opportunity to play on Thunderdome, Global Hardcore Nation, Earthquake and many other parties. In 1997 Rob decided to go back to his harder edged sound of Somebody from Rotterdam and slowed the tempo down… Sweet Dreams (you bastard) was born. Rob decided that he didn’t want it to be released as a Waxweazle production so the name Headbanger was born.

WAXWEAZLE 2021: In 2021 Waxwzl Records was started with as first release a picture disc called the bubblegum ep, many more to come.


THE HEADBANGER: Rob went back to Rotterdam Records. First hit was The Nightmare Man. The third record was called: The Third Torture and it had the huge hit NO LAW on it. The final installment was Enter the 4th Dimension and it had the hits Headbanger’s Theme (together with Holy Noise buddies Alee and Ruffian on vocals), I’m In Your Head and The Wishmaster. The shout: “Don’t You Wanna Be A Headbanger” can still be heard today on every party and is the true Headbanger’s anthem.

Rob met Rotterdam Terror Corps, they hooked up and made the record Bangin Your Fist on Megarave Records. After that Rob was offered to do more on the label, a new alias was made for the project: Alienator. The first 12 inch Prey was an instant hit. Paul Elstak was also producing for Rige and he and Rob hooked up together again for the 12 inch Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell. Released on the new label Offensive Records this track was a huge hit. After this Rob was offered by Rige to do a Headbanger album. This became a triple cd with the title Are u afraid of the Dark and was released in 2001. 4 more albums were released with many hits.

Pray 4 Daylight, Serious Damage, Apocalyse and the fifth album was R-Evolution (to celebrate 10 years of The Headbanger).
Since 1985 Rob is a DJ and he has played in a lot of countries and famous parties/discos. Holy Noise performed in lots of discotheques throughout the Netherlands, also Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, “The Limelight” New York and Greece. As Waxweazle he has played on raves like: Thunderdome, Global Hardcore Nation, Earthquake, Mysteryland, The Love Parade (2x Berlin), Nightmare in Germany and Number One in Italy. Also in: Austria, Switzerland, Eire, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. As Headbanger he has played on raves like Megarave, Hellraiser, Masters of Hardcore (Italy, Germany and the Netherlands), Nightmare (Germany), Resistance Party (Los Angeles USA), Energy Parade (Switzerland), Evolution 8 (Switzerland), Love Parade (Vienna), Number One, Gheodrome, Fila Forum (Italy), France, Spain,Russia, USA, United Kingdom and so on.

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