28/07 Megarave – The Reunion

Founded in 1993 Megarave was the first party in Holland to combine all forms of house music at one big outdoor location. The Megarave had its homebase at the Energiehal in Rotterdam after the Maasvlakte was no longer available for parties. Through the years Megarave was growing into one of the biggest names in hardcore, shifting to an event where people could enjoy all styles in hardcore. Searching for the perfect venue, Megarave was all over the place, when in 2000 the Peppermill provided their parking area as well as the club. In 3 years Megarave grew to a sold out party attracting crowds from all over the globe. Due to circumstances beyond our control Megarave did not find a proper venue in years, but the time has come!

Megarave will be back with a crazy party at a new, fresh location. The P1 parking in front of the Roda JC stadium is now Megarave territory. Together with the Music Dome we can bring you the ultimate 13 hour long journey in hardcore.

Five pounding area's with an international line-up of artists. Starting outdoor and ending indoor, we seek the same party feeling as at the beginning of the Millennium but now we can bring this party to the next level with an amazing line up, wicked stages and an indoor experience like you never witnessed before.

Amnessia - Amada - Anime - Bass - Bass D - Bountyhunter - Breakstyle - Buzz Fuzz - Cardan - Chemical Gorilla - Cryogenic - Da weasel MC - Dione - The Dissident - Dissoactive - Distortion & MC - DRS - E-noid - Estasia - Exhilarate - Franky Jones - Gizmo - Gyze MC - Headbanger - insanity - Jeff MC - Lucifer & Ray - Lunakorpz - Madnezz - Minupren - Noize Suppressor - Paul Elstak - Promo - Rawraver - Rob en MC Joe - Rotterdam Terror Corps - Ruffneck - Sloperij Janssen - SRB - Suicide Rage - System Overload - Waxweazle - The Wishmaster - TMC MC - Typherix - Underground Vandalz - Unleashed Fury - and more...

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