Hardcore Radio SRB Special

Wednesday may 15 from 19:00 till 22:00 there will be a SRB Special on Hardcoreradio! The live radioshow is hosted by DJ Distortion of Rotterdam Terror Corps.

Terror producer SRB is the producer behind the greatest hits on This Is Terror records. He is the creator of Dutchcore, a form of hardcore that is hard, dark, fast and sometimes funny. SRB is also the alter ego of Dione (Thunderdome/Megarave Records) and E-noid (DNA Records). SRB played all over the world and is to be found at all major festivals where there is a big underground/speedcore/terror area. From Masters of Hardcore to Thunderdome you name it. Erik (his real name) was one of the first terror producers with a triple cd solo album.

The show will be live streamed by facebook.com/hardcoreradio

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