June 26 & 27 Hardcore Fan Day

Saturday june 26 and sunday june 27 we can finally go crazy again at the Hardcore Fan Day. Listen to DJ sets, dance with your mates and score bargains at the Rigeshop. The Australian sales corner has been expanded with the new summer collection. Hardcore Fan Day is free, as always, you can meet your favorite DJ, take pictures and chat about the hardcore scene. From 11:00 till 17:00.

All sets by the artists will be broadcasted live at hardcoreradio and included on youtube.com/rigebv.

This year Hardcore Fan Day will be two days. Day 1 is for the uptempo, hardcore and terror fans including the infamous ‘Plaatbreek Wedstrijd’ and day 2 for the gabber, millennium and early fans, where you can compete as gabber of the year if you win the ‘Hakkuh contest’.

Rige Warehouse & Hardcore Radio
Ambachtsstraat 12, 3176PR Poortugaal (Rotterdam)
Metrostation "Poortugaal"

For more information facebook.com/hardcorefanday

Hardcore Fan Day is supported by Rige Bookings, Rige Music, Hardcore Radio, Hardtunes and Rige Shop.

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