Megarave 27 july Kerkrade

Saturday july 27 Megarave at Music Dome and P1 Roda JC Stadion in Kerkrade.

Performing artists are Amada, Bass D, Buzz Fuzz, Cardan, Darkraver, D-Chainsaw, D-Fence, Dione, Dissoactive, Distortion & MC, DJ Neophyte , Drokz, Estasia, Franky Jones, Furyan, Gizmo, JDA, Lunakorpz, Mad Dog, MC Da Weasel, MC Gyze, MC Jeff, Neophyte (live), OCD, Panic, Paranoizer, Partyraiser, Reza, Rob & MC Joe, Rotterdam Terror Corps (live), SRB, Suicide Rage, Terror Clown, The Wishmaster, Tripped, Unleashed Fury, Waxweazle and Yves!

Doors open from 14:00 till 00:00.

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