New Hardcore Magazine

Check out the new A4 Hardcore Magazine – 2020 spring edition.

40 pages including interviews of Partyraiser, Distortion (RTC), Chaotic Hostility, Estasia, Kasparov, SRB aka Dione aka E-noid, The Wishmaster, Hardbouncer, Dissoactive, System Overload, Roughsketch, DJ Yves, Angernoizer, Suicide Rage, Sprinky, Hyrule War, Sandy Warez, Waxweazle aka Headbanger, F.Noize, Unleashed Fury and Lunakorpz + poster of Rotterdam Terror Corps, comic of 8 pages by DJ Plague (CSR), special dates when offers discounts, events, merchandise, etc.

With every order at you will get a free copy!

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