New SRB album! This is terror Records

Today Erik Ypma aka SRB released his new album: "Pedal to the floor" via This is Terror Records. While working on a new EP with only 5 tracks, he got so many creative impulses that he produced one track after the other non-stop, full of inspiration. On the album with 10 new tracks there is only one collaboration with DJ Distortion from Rotterdam Terror Corps and mc Gyze (Stamp the floor out), the rest of the tracks are solo tracks.

Especially for this album, Erik has given his classic hit "Cheater Booster" from 2014 a new flavour and has finally released the hit "Apart Gevoel". He has been playing "Apart Gevoel" for a few months now and this track is very much appreciated by his fans.

The album has no track below 200 bpm and contains Dutchcore, Speedcore and Terror. So not for the people who would like to take things slow.

The album is available on Hardtunes, Spotify and all other music sites.

Hardtunes : Click here for previews at Hardtunes.

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