Rotterdam Terror Corps – Constrictor

Megarave Records presents the remastered album Rotterdam Terror Corps 'Constrictor'.

The original 1999 album by Rotterdam Terror Corps is remastered and polished for that genuine, original gabber feeling. Constrictor takes you back to the past where the beats were loud and the kicks were harder.

01. Are You Prepared To Die?
02. Dangerous
03. Paranoid
04. Armageddon
05 Torture (Rotterdam Terror Corps vs. The Masochist)
06. God Is A Gabber
07. Nobody Harder (G-Town Madness Remix)
08. Industrial Life 2040
09. Terror Feelings
10. Constrictor
11. Terror Style
12. Beyond Our Minds
13. There's Only One Terror (Stunned Guys Remix)
14. Some Worship The Pain

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