RTC – From Dusk Till Doom

The original 1998 album by Rotterdam Terror Corps remastered and polished for that good old gabber feeling. From Dusk Till Doom brings you back to the Energiehal in Rotterdam where the beats are loud and the kicks are hard. Out now on all portals like Hardtunes.

Get your copy here: https://bit.ly/2WXTFtC

From Dusk Till Doom
Our Vision
Nobody Harder
The Music Is Too Much (Hey Hey)
Hardcore Slam (Rushcorps Remix)
There's Only One Terror
Hardcore Confrontation
Poison In My Brain
Here Comez The Drumz
We're Gonna Blow Your Mind (Live In Antwerpen)
Brutal Attack
I Fuck You Now, Bitch (De Rotter Hop Bonus)
Niks Te Maken (Blijdorp Posse Mix)
Ima Pima (De Oprot Plaat Bonus)

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