Sunday 16 april Hardcore Fan Day Oberhausen

Hardcore Fanday & Rige Blow Out Sale - 12:00 - 18:00

Meet and greet the artists: Amada, The Wishmaster, Estasia, Distortion & MC (Rotterdam Terror Corps), Buzz Fuzz, Stampede, Dissoactive, DJ Plague, The Beatkrusher, Face Of Fear, SRB aka Dione, Radiate, Madnezz, Suicide Rage, MC ADK, Rotterdam Terror Corps dancers

Buy cheap and new hardcore merchandise and enjoy the Hakkuh Contest where you can win 100 euros if you are the best hardcore/gabber dancer.

Free Entry + MDVZ

ResonanzWerk Eventhalle
Essener Str. 259
46047 Oberhausen

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