We welcome Kurwastyle Project

Hardcore and terror artist Kurwastyle Project from Czech Republic started making Hardcore in his childhood, with a DAW called “MTV Music Generator”.

In the beginning of 2006 the name "Kurwastyle Project" was born, and he began producing Speedcore influenced by artists like Pain Alliance, Komprex or Passenger Of Shit. Since 2015 he moved more to Hardcore and Terror, and nowadays Kurwastyle Project is better known as hard and dark with a twist.

The past years Martin released numerous tracks on various labels worldwide like Noisekick Records, This is Terror, Darkside Unleashed and Bounce Back Records. He always stands out with his own fabricated ‘Kurwastyle’ sound.

Kurwastyle Project played all over the globe, countries like: Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. Events like Masters Of Hardcore, Ground Zero, Decibel, Harmony Of Hardcore, Pandemonium and PokkeHerrie are examples of the events where he smashed the dancefloor.

His productions are always supported by the better names in the scene and played by numerous artists like: Noisekick, Sjammienators, Doctor Terror, Chaotic Hostility, Cryogenic, TerrorClown, SRB and others.

Click here for his artist profile.

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