We welcome Lunakorpz

We welcome uptempo artist Lunakorpz. The 22 years old producer is known for spending almost every hour in his studio. His passion for (uptempo) hardcore isn’t something you can learn, it’s straight from the heart!

Lunakorpz started playing for F*cking Bastards a few years ago. On their label his first track was released called ‘Eleven’. After that release his new ep on Uptempo Is The Tempo was called ‘Hard with the Korpz featuring Mc Komplexx and Eddy Hardcore.

The release at Partyraiser Records: ‘Lunakorpz - Die bitch’ was a personal success for him. He is working on another collaboration with Scarphase: ‘Hit the moshpit’. Soon a new project will appear on Offensive Rage.

Lunakorpz played at numerous parties in Holland, Belgium, Germany and soon in France.

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