Tekno Warriors

Style : Freestyle
Label : Midtown Records
Performance : DJ set
Residence : NetherlandsBack in the late 90's, Hardcore legends Neophyte & Paul Elstak formed Tekno Warriors and released multiple tracks and an album on Midtown Records, laying the foundations of the Freestyle sound as it's known today. After focussing on their solo careers throughout the 00's, these pioneers have returned to the studio alongside Erik Groeneveld and MC Diesel to work on brand new Freestyle productions.The strong team combine their musical minds for each studio session, resulting in years of experience being injected into every project. Their first track, released on Foolish, entitled "Keep ya hands high" has already proven to be a definite crowd pleaser in the Freestyle scene, with loads more exciting music in the pipeline.

As no strangers to the stage, Erik & Diesel are experienced crowd controllers. With their infectiously energetic presence behind the decks, Tekno Warriors are set to be one of the most exciting acts.


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